The European Association of Social Anthropologists Anthropology and Mobility Network (ANTHROMOB) announces the call for papers for its bi-annual workshop: Grounding (im)mobility: Embodiment, ephemera, ecologies. Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal (Thursday 10 – Friday 11 September, 2015)

The aim of this workshop is to bring together scholars working on, and problematising, the (im)material dimensions of contemporary mobility with a particular emphasis on exploring embodiments, ephemera and ecologies that are often researched in isolation of one another. Whether it is the phenomenology of transport, migration, media, material culture, or the multiple moralities, imaginaries, and ontological horizons that interact through movement today, this workshop will challenge commonly clustered fields of analysis. We envision sketching a more comprehensive, plural, and composite vision of mobility, and asking what kinds of collaborations and connections can emerge from of approaching (im)materialities in mobilities as a possible unifying pattern of analysis.

We encourage papers which empirically explore at least two topics commonly found under the mobilities paradigm (e.g. tourism and migration, tourism and embodiment, media and urban transport) or connect one classic topic of mobility to other areas (e.g. science and technology studies or eco-anthropology). Media based, visual and ecological studies that connect to classic fields of anthropological inquiry are particularly welcome, as are methodologically innovative approaches to the workshop’s theme.

Please submit abstracts (under 300 words, please) by 3 April, 2015 via our online Google form at this URL: http://goo.gl/wk39cb. In the interest of encouraging new approaches and collaboration, we anticipate running a variety of panel formats and sessions.


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