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The events of this year 2015, public knowledge, exacerbated violence fastest growing economic inequality, huge numbers of refugees with war that has been gaining ground steadily month by month, what concerns us all but differently.

Therefore, they have been few times in this forum many of us have wondered, whatdoes Anthropology do?

I have no answers, only that his interpretive place, also weakened. Even more capacity as the applicability of their knowledge is growing almost nil for the same reasons … as well we lack categories at all!

On the other hand, few professionals in the social sciences arise if they are actors or performers in a highly polarized social reality, full of questions and challenges of all kinds. Just follow what they call anthropology, doing in many cases like academic places have remained intact in its form and purpose, without seeing or feeling the large administrative and technological changes also affect the achievement of discipline … but the life of discipline still going out there without passing.

(Maybe it’s a quantum problem!) So they are few who do wonders professional delivery and still continue with a strength, I admire them.

But for a while I find very pretentious to some anthropologists, in other almost perverse, carry out a goods factory, almost without limit, as seminars and conferences, plus hundreds of meetings with different names within anthropology to recover lost acting ability? At best it comes to responding to questions by the way they also do not succeed unfortunately.

Much noise about nothing!

Some walk depressed, others set out their investigations by closing ringing phrases of sadness and misfortune feelings of bewilderment and helplessness or called ethics as if it were to send a text message.

It removed the mask! We are also part of a culture that has been educated in the circular complaint…

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