AFIN Research Group 

Autonomous University of Barcelona
Postdoctoral Researchers – Call for Candidates to apply to Beatriu de Pinós 2016 Grant

Brief description of the institution

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is one of the major public universities of Spain. It is located in Bellaterra, close to Barcelona. Currently, the University offers 81 undergraduate courses, covering a wide range of fields such as humanities and arts, social sciences, health sciences, technology and physical sciences. Furthermore, the UAB offers 84 official Master’s degrees, as well as 6 Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees and several PhD programs. The University has over 37,800 students, almost 3,700 researchers and teaching staff, and it hosts more than 6,000 foreign students.

The UAB has an outstanding position among Spanish universities in world ranking. It ranks first in the World University Rankings (THE WUR 2015-2016) and it is the second university in Spain in volume of scientific activity Scimago Institution Ranking World Report (SIR WR 2014). It is also the first Spanish university according to the results of its research activities on the “U-Ranking 2016 of Spanish Universities”.

The UAB is participating in more than 45 Horizon 2020 projects, being funded with almost 21 millions Euros. The UAB has been so far a partner of the 168 project of the 7FM.

Brief description of the Centre/Research Group

AFIN Research Group is internationally known for the quality of its research into subjects such as human reproduction -adoption, ART’s, third-party reproduction, surrogacy-, child protection, family support and decision-making about underage people, foster care, parenting, and professional practice with families, families-to-become, children, adolescents, teens, and youth.

Now the AFIN Research Group would like encouraging a suitably qualified researcher from outside Spain to apply for a Beatriu de Pinós Individual Grant (AGAUR), a competitive Catalan Government postdoctoral research fellowship, to come to UAB for 24 months starting on January 2018, to pursue research into a topic agreed with the Research Group and under supervision from one of the Research Group’s member.

Project description

During the last decades, new strategies for making families, including third-party reproduction –with gametes external providers, surrogacy and transnational adoption- emerged beyond the natural limits imposed by age, sex and biology. Between 1975 and 1995, the fertility rate in Spain went from being one of the highest in Europe (2.8 children per woman) to 1.14, significantly below the replacement rate. At first glance, Spain’s low fertility may look like a choice. Nevertheless, Spain has one of the largest ‘child gaps’ (the average difference between desired and actual children) in the European Union (Bernardi 2005). Many Spanish women have to delay maternity due to employment and financial reasons and when “the right time” to have children arrives, it is often difficult for them to reproduce ‘naturally’. In Spain, since the 1990s, for many people, constituting a family has required the “contribution” of other women, many of them living in or coming from other countries.

Employing an interdisciplinary perspective and through the combination of quantitative and multi-sited qualitative methodology, AFIN Research Group aims to analyse the challenges (at individual, familial and social levels) of changes in reproductive patterns as well as to identify the tensions between the interests and rights of those who access parenthood through third-party reproduction and birth families, gamete and embryo providers, surrogates, intermediaries/brokers, professionals, agencies and states, as well as the persons resulting from these processes.

AFIN Research Group welcomes comparative analyses on the consequences and challenges of infertility and third-party reproduction at personal, familial, social, political and economic levels.

Additonial information

Interested candidates should submit by email a curriculum vita, a brief statement of interest and two references letters by November 4, 2016, to the undersigned.

For further information:

AFIN Research Group
c/ Vila i Puig s/n
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Building B13
Autonomous University of Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)

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