Wine, Terroir, Tourism
Summer School – 10-15 July 2017
University of Lausanne, Sion Campus (Valais)

The summer school proposes a sensorial, technological and anthropological exploration of the notion of wine terroir. A major focus is the relation between place-related tourism and consumer imaginaries, winemaking technology and the sensorial qualities of specific wines. Along with theory driven lectures and experimental winetasting and winemaking classes, the summer school includes two half-day trips in the Valais to visit different types of developments that illustrate the wider global issue of linking the industries of winemaking and tourism.

Target audience

15-25 international participants at MA and PhD level in the social sciences, humanities, food and drinks studies, political geography, tourism, territorial development, wine business or equivalent (minimum qualification bachelor).

Learning objectives

  1. Ability to discuss the emergence of the notion of terroir in the cultural and historic contexts of wine production and consumption
  2. Ability to debate terroir as part of basic winemaking processes and the functional structure of wine businesses
  3. Ability to assess terroir as sensorial features of particular wine terroir styles and production technologies
  4. Ability to analyze the links between wine terroir and tourism
  5. Ability to develop a research project on “Wine, Terroir, Tourism”






Principles of winemaking practice

Moreira (ISA-ULisboa)

Wine culture and history

Picard (IGD-UNIL)


Sensorial analysis

v. Gysel (HES Changins)

Study trip 1: Wine tourism and territorial development (Valais Wine Museum)

Zufferey (Musée du vin)

Crettenand (Valais Wallis Promotion)


Wine & Terroir

Demossier (USouthampton)

Tasting global wine terroirs 

Moreira (ISA-ULisboa)


Innovation in global wine tourism

Picard (IGD-UNIL)

Study trip 2: Wine tourism from a producer’s perspective (Bisse de Clavaux Wine Route)

Héritier (Les Celliers de Sion)


Terroir and winemaking technology

Malfeito (ISA-ULisboa)

Winemaking practice  (13h-14h30)

Moreira (ISA-ULisboa)

Project presentation (14h30-16h)

Picard (IGD-ULisboa)


4x3h of classroom lectures + 4x3h of sensorial analysis + 2x3h study trip

Teaching staff

Anne-Dominique Zufferey, director, Musée du vin, Sierre & Salgesch

Catarina Moreira, PhD biology, enology consultant, ISA-Ulisboa, Lisbon

David Héritier, director, Les Celliers de Sion, Sion

David Picard, professor of anthropology, IGD-UNIL, Sion/Lausanne

Laure van Gysel, lecturer in sensorial analysis, HES Changins

Manuel Malfeito, professor of oenology, ISA-ULisboa, Lisboa

Marion Demossier, professor of anthropology, University of Southampton

Nicolas Crettenand, project manager « Oenotourisme », Valais Wallis Promotion, Sion


CHF 690.00 without accommodation, and from CHF 900.00 with accommodation

Further information and registration

Prof David Picard ( summerschools/courses/wine- terroir-tourism/

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