5 new or reorganized participations in the United States, South America and the Caribbean

New attendance

A new holding was created from the Escondido California and Vista California holdings. The San Marcos California Stake, which includes the Las Posas (Spanish) Branch and the neighborhoods of Buena Creek, Double Peak, Palomar YSA, Santa Fe Hills, Shadowridge, and Twin Oaks Valley, was established by Elder Mark D. Eddy , General Authority Seventy, and Elder Voi R. Taeoalii, Area Seventy.

SAN MARCOS CALIFORNIA Stake: (September 11, 2022) President — Robert Todd McMaster, 56 years old, dentist; wife, Deon Dow McMaster. Advisors — Matthew Thomas Borgquist, 39, Genentech – Roche’s Field Compliance and Reimbursement Liaison Manager; wife, Meleah Susan Shupe Borgquist. Christopher John Fellars, 41 years old, independent chairman; wife, Lacey Ann Dalton Fellars.

Reorganized stakes

BALTIMORE MARYLAND STAKE: (April 10, 2022) Chairman — Leo Austin McCafferty III, 53, senior account manager at Verizon; succeeding Michael P. Brady; wife, Jeannette Ballve McCafferty. Advisors — Anderson Coppede Goncalves, 52, financial transformation consultant at Warner Music; wife, Regina Aparecida Silva Coppedê Gonçalves. Jonathan Owen Russel, 41, Johns Hopkins surgeon; wife, Natalie Ruth McClure Russell.

BARQUISIMETO VENEZUELA OBELISCO STAKE: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Edwin Johan Barco Torres, 29 years old, administrative assistant for seminaries and institutes of religion; succeeding Ricardo A. Rico; wife, Ana Maria Castellano de Barco. Advisors — Eugenio Cedeno, 47 years old, business manager; wife, Neira Melisa of Cedeńo Jaramillo. Benjamin Jose Blatch Colina, 55 years old, physiotherapist from the Integral Center of the Moroni Group; wife, Ana Graciela de Blatch Villegas.

CÓRDOBA ARGENTINA EAST STAKE: (September 11, 2022) President — Juan-Manuel Vera, 44 years old, administrative employee of Centro de Interacción Multimedia SA; succeeding Marcelo J. Daniele; wife, Ana Carla Vera. Advisors — Luis Alejandro Sanchez, 30, deputy business manager of Greentech ER, business intelligence analyst and employee of academic coordination and user experience; wife, Natalia Mercedes Sanchez. Ezequiel Alejandro Daniele, 34 years old, commercial director and business manager of Sica SA; wife, Laura Cecilia Daniele.

PARTICIPATION PUERTO PLATA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: (March 6, 2022) Chair — Carlos Emmanuel Gardner Hurtado, 41, head of accounts receivable at Polanco Fernández & Associates; succeeding Eddy W. Morrobel; married Elizabeth Gardner Knight. Advisors — Lonni Smaillin Quezada Melo, 36 years old, regional pedagogical advisor to the Ministry of National Education; wife, Griselda Rosibel López de Quezada. Edwin Manuel Duran Sanchez, 26, chief compliance officer at Colgate Palmolive and owner and co-founder of Inversiones R&M; wife, Jiany Carolina Reynoso Eve.

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