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The loan debited into account can bring a little confusion when we talk about this modality. The first example of a loan made with debit in the account is the operation carried out in your own bank, the transaction consists of granting cash credit in one go to be used as you wish and to carry out the repayment the client returns in installments discounted in the checking account every month until the contract ends.

The most common for this operation is the pre-approved loan or even the limit of the overdraft that can be used for a certain time and is also refunded with direct debit into account. But returning to the pre-approved loan with debit in the account, the request is extremely simple, can be made by phone, calling the bank’s service or directly through the internet or accessing the bank’s website: enter the access password, choose the value and authorize the transaction electronically, in minutes the money is in the account.

How to make a debited loan account?

How to make a debited loan account?

Personal loan is a necessary evil, a necessity we often do not want to need any more. Getting borrowed money in bank, financial or credit companies like credit unions, class associations and unions can help and a lot when the situation tightens, it is always nice to have access to lines of loans, financing of goods and personal credit. Never know when we will need an extra amount of money, to invest or to emergency.

The credit market in Brazil is not as adapted to the needs of citizens as in other European countries, North American or Australian, there is still a series of products related to personal loan, greater transparency in credit history, rating and especially in the score of which we basically do not have access to.  The payday loan with a discount is one example, here we have a similar version that is the credit limit of the overdraft, but is discounted in the checking account on the anniversary day of the account and not on the day of receipt of salary .

The loan debited in account with dirty name also we still do not have companies specialized in this modality of credit, is only found in few companies that risk, are agreed to credit Associations with an extremely bureaucratic system.

The demand for debt-for-loan accounts has increased a lot in recent years, not just debt but also the real estate loan and credit card with money leverage. The loan is debited from the account is granted both to individuals (CPF) and legal entities (companies established with CNPJ), The money requested serves to meet urgent needs or in the case of companies, even gives to make investments in production, machinery, human resources, logistics or simply inject working capital into the cashier.

Loan charged to negative account

Loan charged to negative account

If you are a worker in a private company, a civil servant, retired, an INSS pensioner or a military officer from any sphere, including police and firefighters, you are looking for this type of credit line, some financial institutions are now making access more flexible.

Even for those who do not have a good credit history, this one is denied because it has the name registered in the SPC / SCPC / Serasa, it obtains the loan with debit in account. The Crefisa is one of the financiers who give the loans even negative.

Probably you may have heard about loan with current account debit outside the banking segment, to make it clear how it works, debit loan in the account is not generous, interest is high.

It is not worth it, unless the situation is really a lot of need and look, because it is an alternative, it ends up serving people who have no more assignable margin for the consigned credit or because they have the dirty name in the organs such as the SPC and Serasa.

This way you can receive up to 2 times the value of your monthly income. For you to make a debited loan in checking account , you can consult the manager of your bank, who certainly provides this service. Other institutions that can make the Loan with Debit in bank account are Banco do Brasil, Santander, Caixa Econômica Federal, Bradesco, HSBC, Itaú / Unibanco and Meridional.

Types of loans charged to current account

  1. You can make loan debt into account online.
  2. You can make loan debt into account at any bank.
  3. You can make loan debt on account with restriction.
  4. You can make loan debt into account in the current in cooperatives.
  5. You can make loan debt into account on current in associations.
  6. You can make loan debit on account in the chain off the bank network.
  7. You can make loan debit on account in the current of 3 up to 15 times.

On the internet, some companies that have been in this business for years, offering a debit loan with the best market rates and differentiated advantages.

  1. Credicompany –
  2. Master Promotora –
  3. Niponcred Loans –
  4. Consignados –
  5. EgonCred –
  6. Agiplan –

The line of loan debited in account is directed to salaried employees, retired or pensioner of the INSS, civil servants, police, firemen, autonomous, and general workers …


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