Chad Prather is tired of mandates and Texas tyranny


Listen to Chad Prather’s full interview below.

He’s been called a comedian, musician, podcaster, YouTube star (he’s still licensed there somehow), and now an author. The next title Chad Prather is aiming for? Governor of Texas.

Prather joined the Chad Hasty Show on Tuesday to discuss his campaign and why he is running for governor. Prather began denouncing current Governor Greg Abbott in the summer of 2020 when Abbott began shutting down businesses in Texas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abbott had made the decision of the county judges and mayors and instead told the Texans he would be in charge and started issuing warrants for all Texans. The warrants resulted in the closure of bars, restaurants and many other businesses. In July 2020, Prather announced his intention to run for governor.

I had just had enough and of course being in the world of humor and entertainment, radio talk, television talk, a lot of people were waiting on the punch line. And what I said was listen, Texas is no joke. It’s serious, it’s serious stuff that I would never play with.

Prather said that once people start to hear his passion for Texas and show up at campaign events, they start to look at him differently and understand that this is not a publicity stunt and that Prather wants to see someone more conservative than Abbott as governor.

Prather told Hasty that warrants are not needed in Texas and instead treat people like adults.

These are not small things. Once you start giving freedoms, they don’t just give them back. You have to take them back.

Prather also criticized Abbott’s mandate to ban private employers from straining vaccines.

In the same way that he imposed these closures which were unconstitutional, now he will come and tell employers what they can and cannot do. He’s not going to support it. This is an all-you-can-eat state, they’ll just find other reasons to fire you if that’s what they want to do. Now that you’ve done that, you’ve opened Pandora’s Box. You cannot put these evils back in the box once you have decided that the Constitution is not the basis on which we will apply these things.

Prather also spent time discussing some of the other issues he would target as governor if he won. Prather has also released a new book, Am I Crazy ?, which is available at bookstores and on Amazon. The book came out on Tuesday.

Listen to the full interview above.

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