Diego Maradona has lived several lives in one: the stars of “Maradona: Blessed Dream”


It was a roller coaster ride for actors Nazareno Casero and Juan Palomino to play Diego Maradona in “Maradona: Blessed Dream”, a show that explores different facets of the football legend’s life.

The show, which is currently airing on Prime Video, chronicles Maradona’s humble beginnings in Argentina, her game-changing career at Barcelona and Napoli, and her role in her national team’s World Cup victory in Mexico in 1986.

The 60-year-old footballer died in November 2020 from cardiac arrest, two weeks after undergoing surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain.

“Maradona: Blessed Dream” stars Argentinian actors Casero, Palomino and Nicolas Goldschmidt who played Diego Armando Maradona at different stages of his life in the series.

“It was a roller coaster ride and that’s what the show wants to show. The show features so many chapters from Madonna’s life. And we showed some very specific ones. You could say Madonna lived it. several lifetimes in one lifetime, ”Casero said. PTI in a Zoom interview.

The show began airing on Prime Video on October 29 and is available to Indian subscribers in Spanish as well as dubbing in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and English.

For Palomino, the opportunity to represent the soccer star was a chance of a lifetime.

“As an Argentinian, it was the opportunity to play such an iconic character. It was an honor and a pride, especially since it comes with such an incredible production. We knew that the project would go high and be known around the world because the production was very solid, ”he said.

Palomino said Maradona was both a rebel and a flamboyant person.

“His life was 360 degrees. It was important to understand his time, not only in Argentina, but also the time he had to live and go through in Argentina and Europe. It was man against power.

“He was a man who spoke for those who remained … It was important to explore the man, his build and his identity. He was a rebellious and irreverent person. And at the same time, he could show solidarity with those. left behind. “

“Maradona: Blessed Dream” also stars Julieta Cardinali, Laura Esquivel, Mercedes Moran, Pepe Monje and Peter Lanzani in leading roles.

Produced by BTF Media, in co-production with Dhana Media and Latin We, the biographical series was shot outdoors in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Uruguay and Mexico.

Alejandro Aimetta is showrunner and director of episodes shot in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay, and is also one of the writers of the series alongside Guillermo Salmeron and Silvina Olschansky.

Roger Gual and Edoardo De Angelis directed episodes shot in Spain and Italy respectively.

Francisco Cordero, Liliana Moyano, Mari Urdaneta, Ricardo Coeto and Luis Balaguer are the executive producers.

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