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On October 18, 2021, Acting President Jim Hood announced in a school-wide email that Acting Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Krishauna Hines- Gaither, would leave Guilford College after Dec.31 to be the Senior Vice President for Equity, Diversity and Justice. at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles.

Hines-Gaither has had a significant impact on Guilford College in the four plus years she has worked here. Hines-Gaither colleagues spoke warmly about her and her work at the College.

In a recent interview, Hood described Hines-Gaither’s warm presence and how it helped her in her job.

“There’s just something about being there as a person, it’s just a warm and supportive person at the same time,” Hood said. “She brings insight and challenge to things we need to have a better understanding of and be challenged by. When she takes anti-bias or anti-racism training or just speaks in front of a group, you can see this balance between the warmth of her personality and the challenge of doing things better in a more fair and equitable way.

Hines-Gaither’s personality has also helped her build relationships with college students, like sophomore Mariam Sheriff, an ambassador from the Center for Intercultural Engagement (IEC).

“Something I’ll miss is just being able to walk into his office and talk to him,” the sheriff said. “When I was first transferred to Guilford, the first person I met was Krishauna, and we bonded because (that) we both spoke Spanish and were both black. She was so friendly and warm, so walking into the Center for Intercultural Engagement and not seeing her is definitely going to be difficult and I will miss her.

Hood discussed the impact of Hines-Gaither on the community of Guilford.

“The work she has done to build relationships with students, especially with the Multicultural Leadership Scholars Program (MLSP) and leadership work with the Intercultural Engagement Center (IEC)… things outside of the classroom Hood said. “(Her) greatest achievement is helping Guilford deal with difficult conversations about race, gender and sexuality, equity and diversity. ”

Hines-Gaither also forged impactful relationships with colleagues, including Gwen Erickson, Quaker Archivist and Special Collections Librarian.

“The opportunity to have him as a colleague here on campus has been truly amazing because we bring two different perspectives on a number of joint projects,” said Erickson. “… having someone to collaborate with and collaborate with is always wonderful, but maybe even more so when it’s someone you know brings such joy and understanding to work … that’s right.” something that will miss me. (I appreciated) being able to have that point of contact of… a colleague whose skills and instinct I trust and having someone with whom you can exchange an idea and bring it to fruition.

“I guess at her new job she’ll bring the same ability to engage people in difficult conversations,” Hood said when asked what Hines-Gaither would contribute to her new position at Mount St University. Mary’s. “I hope that one of the things that she brings to the new institution, which is a Catholic institution, is … some of the very good ideas Quakerism has to offer, like the practice of silence, although there are parts of the Catholic tradition that use the practice of silence. Plus, the idea of ​​shared decision-making… it’s so important to Guilford as… an institution founded by the Quakers, and j ‘hopes some of the benefits of this type of decision-making are something she could engage in at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

“I will miss my tribe,” Hines-Gaither said when asked what he would miss about his time in Guilford. “There were so many people supporting me here. In the work of diversity, equity and inclusion, there will always be opposition. The voices of those in favor of this work were far more powerful than those of any opponent. At Guilford College, I met the most special group of friends. My last institution, Salem College, gave me a space on campus. At the ceremony there were more guests from Guilford College than my own family. It shows the level of love and support I have received from my Guilford family. I will never forget their support.

As she reflected on her work at Guilford via email, Hines-Gaither said: “Above all, I am proud of the relationships I have established at Guilford. My students and colleagues have helped me achieve our office’s goals of building a more inclusive community at Guilford College.

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