Father Grateful Worker survived – NBC Boston

The father of a man who lost both his legs in a construction accident in Boston last week says he is grateful his son survived.

As Wilson Ortega was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, his father, Jose Ortega, rushed to Boston from Puerto Rico.

“I thought my world was over,” he said in Spanish when he learned his son had been seriously injured on the job.

Wilson Ortega was working on the demolition of the old Edison power plant in South Boston when a mezzanine collapsed. Her father said some of the cloth fell on her legs, but it spared her life.

Ortega was trapped in the debris for hours. At one point, Jose Ortega said his son told his colleagues who stayed with him that he couldn’t take the pain anymore, but a firefighter spoke to him, calming him down as they worked for the save.

“He whispered in her ear and told her to stay calm and everything will be fine,” Jose Ortega recalled. “He said it was like an angel from heaven.”

Wilson Ortega’s legs were amputated after the accident. Jose said his son knew right away that he would lose his legs.

“He saw the weight he had on him and knew his legs were damaged,” his father said.

The 33-year-old left the Dominican Republic for the United States three years ago with his wife and young son. His father describes him as a loving family man who spent most of his time at work and at the gym. He dreamed of building a house for his mother in Santo Domingo. From his hospital bed, Wilson sends messages of encouragement to his family.

“He says he’s going to win, he’s a fighter,” Jose Ortega said.

He says his son stays positive because he’s alive.

“If that wall had completely fallen on him, he wouldn’t be alive. He said it’s a blessing from God – God gave him an opportunity to live,” Ortega said.

Wilson Ortega will be transferred to another hospital for rehabilitation, according to his father. There, he will receive prostheses and learn to walk again.

“Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Wilson Ortega and his family, as well as the others injured in the accident on the 776 Summer Street project,” said Suffolk Construction, the company responsible for the project. of demolition. “We have worked closely with Mr. Ortega’s employer, Northstar, to provide support and assistance to him and his family. We also continue to work with OSHA, our business partners and local authorities to “Determining the cause of the accident. Ensuring that our worksites are safe and that our workers return home safely to their loved ones every day is our number one priority and always will be.”

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