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12/14/2021 at 3:49 p.m. CET


Fernando simon it sends a message of caution regarding the pandemic. The director of the Health and Emergency Alert Coordination Center (CCAES) asked the Spaniards to take precautionary measures against COVID-19, like the use of a mask or social distancing, during Christmas because the pandemic “is not over”.

“People should be aware that there is still infection, there are viruses circulating, more than one would like although less than a few months ago. A small percentage still remains unvaccinated, but with sufficient volume to generate significant transmission problems. To those who do not take measures, to apply them being aware that it is not over, ”he commented in statements to the media after intervening in the presentation of the report ‘Health in cooperation in the development and humanitarian action 2021 ‘, prepared by the NGO Médecins du Monde and medicusmundi.

The epidemiologist from the Ministry of Health recommended those people who “will lead a life with many social contacts” during the Christmas holidays “who protect themselves”. “In the end, the application of the measures depends on each of us. Right now, if we maintain a reasonable and cautious stance at the individual level, we will have much of the problem solved, ”he stressed.

In any case, Simón has not yet dared to estimate the impact of the Constitution Bridge and the days before Christmas on the incidence, during which crowds and social gatherings have increased. “We are witnessing an increase in transmission, the bridge is here and Christmas. We can’t yet predict the impact this will have on advocacy, but we hope it won’t be big. But of course that will have an impact on the incidence, ”he predicted.

Thus, the epidemiologist do not think that the upward trend in the development of pandemic “to be corrected at least until after Christmas”. “We have to be very careful because we are not done with it yet,” he insisted on the subject.

“Millions of vulnerable Spaniards”

Simon calculated that “Ten or twelve million” Spaniards are still “vulnerable” to COVID-19, taking into account adults who have not decided to be vaccinated, those under 12 and those in whom the vaccine “has not given them the protection it should because it is not 100% effective. percent ”.

Faced with this situation, Simón deplored that “compliance with protective measures, beyond vaccines, is very low”. “I would prefer that we still have a little bit of tension, but after two years it’s to some extent understandable that there is fatigue,” he said.

Regarding the omicron, Simón considers that “probably due to its characteristics, it will occupy the space occupied by Delta” at that time. “It seems a bit more transmissible and might make the coverage needed to control the transmission need to be higher“, predicted.

“Don’t be afraid of pediatric vaccines”

As for the vaccination in children between 5 and 11 years old, which begins this Wednesday, the epidemiologist has defended that “very strict studies have been carried out which guarantee sufficient safety and a very clear risk-benefit ratio” to these vaccines.

“We must have no fear of the vaccines that are offered to immunize our children,” he said, adding that he believes that it will not be necessary to force the vaccination of children, because “we are going to have a sufficient number to better control the situation in our country. “

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