Filmax delves into the drama of the Spanish Civil War (EXCLUSIVE)

Barcelona-based Filmax has acquired the Spanish and international rights to ‘The Teacher Who Promised The Sea,’ starring Laia Costa, winner of Best Actress at Germany’s Lola Awards for the bank robbery thriller by Sebastian Schipper, “Victoria”.

Directed by Patricia Font (“Café para llevar”), Goya’s Best Short Fiction winner, “The Teacher,” which has just wrapped production, will be presented to buyers via a promotional reel.

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Produced by Minoria Absoluta, Lastor Media and Filmax, the feature film is based on the book of the same name by Francesc Escribano. It brings to the big screen the real-life story of Antoni Benaiges, a Catalan teacher who rocked a rural village in the province of Burgos in 1935, introducing progressive teaching methods from France, based on encouraging self-expression. pupils’ personal experiences, the purchase of a printing press which enabled the publication of their reflections.

In this small village, bound by centuries of illiteracy, he proves to be a controversial figure – and a target of repression once the Spanish Civil War begins.

Benaiges is played by Enric Auquer, the winner of best newcomer Goya (“An eye for an eye”). Costa, who plays a woman who goes in search of her grandfather in a mass grave and stumbles upon the tragic story of her teacher, Benaiges, also won best actress at this year’s Malaga Film Festival for her performance in the youngster of Alauda Ruíz de Azúa. the mother drama “Lullaby”, which won numerous awards in Malaga.

“We have a real gem in our hands here. We are delighted to show viewers this film, which is impactful, but which, at the same time, will touch the hearts of the public,” said Iván Díaz, international manager at Filmax.

The film was shot for six weeks in the surroundings of Barcelona and in Briviesca, in the province of Burgos. It is produced with the support of the Spanish and Catalan film agencies ICAA and ICEC and the participation of public broadcasters TVE and TV3.

The American Film Market runs from November 1-6.

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