Flight tracking sites show empty airspace over Ukraine and its border with Russia

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry issued a brief statement on Thursday, calling for “the immediate suspension of hostilities and the start of negotiations” after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Brazil calls for the immediate suspension of hostilities and the opening of negotiations leading to a diplomatic solution to the issue, based on the Minsk agreements and which takes into account the legitimate security interests of all parties involved and the protection of the civilian population”, said the statement of the Brazilian diplomacy.

Notably, the statement does not call Russian moves into Ukrainian territory an “invasion.”

President Jair Bolsonaro, who met Russian President Vladimir Putin last week and expressed “solidarity” with Russia, did not make a public statement today.

The position of the Brazilian government on Russia and Ukraine does not seem unanimous. Speaking to the press on Thursday morning, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourão condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for actions beyond economic sanctions against Putin’s government.

“The Western world is the same (place) it was in 1938 with Hitler, on the basis of appeasement, and Putin did not respect appeasement. This is the truth,” Mourão said. “In my opinion, simple economic sanctions – which are an intermediate form of sanction – do not work.”

He also said significant actions were needed from the allies to provide military support to the Ukrainians.

“Use of force is needed, support for Ukraine, more than what is put in place. That’s my view. If the western world lets Ukraine down, Bulgaria will be next, then the Baltic states, and so on. Just like Hitler’s Germany did in the 1930s,” he said.

Mourão says Brazil supports Ukraine.

“Brazil is not neutral. Brazil has made it very clear that it respects Ukraine’s sovereignty. Brazil therefore does not agree with an invasion of Ukrainian territory.

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