Gangland cops investigate 70 incidents of bloody turf war between Lyon and Daniel crime families


Detectives are investigating more than 70 incidents related to the violent turf war between organized crime gangs Lyons and Daniel.

A crackdown on rival groups, dubbed Operation Engagement, began more than four years ago.

It came about after an increase in gunfire and stabbing, including a machete attack on Steven “Bonzo” Daniel.

Now a leaked court document has revealed the true scale of the task Scotland police face.

Steven “Bonzo” Daniel

The file – seen by the Daily Record – also reveals that a member of the Daniel family, whom we chose not to name, told the cops about a split in their faction.

They revealed that two henchmen had “alienated” themselves from the criminal group after appearing to switch sides and “started associating with members of the Lyons SAOCG (Serious and Organized Crime Group)”.

The report provides dramatic insight into the machinations of organized crime and how the police are trying to bring down Glasgow-based gangs.

He says: “Operation Engagement is the Scottish Police intelligence led operation into the criminal activities of the Daniel and Lyon SAOCGs.

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“A feud between these factions has been going on for many years and is well documented and often featured in the national press.

“Operation Engagement is investigating more than 70 incidents attributed to the groups that have occurred over the past four years. “

The Lyons gang is led by Steven Lyons, who is said to be based in Dubai and Spain.

The report states that Steven Daniel is “considered the leader of Daniel SAOCG”.

The document is believed to relate to the “motive and background” of the home attack on Steven Daniel’s stepmother Janette Connell in January 2020.

Thug Michael Sutherland was jailed for four years after being convicted of hitting the retiree with a baton outside her home.

Thug Michael Sutherland has been jailed
Michael sutherland

A source said: “Operation Engagement is a long-term initiative that has taken many guys off the streets.

“But that hasn’t solved the problem – it just moves him inside prisons, where tit-for-tat attacks still take place. There is also no shortage of young men ready to step in and take their place on the outside.

The document also refers to associates of the Daniel clan who were indicted in connection with the attempted murder of Francis McCann.

Kyle Beard, 27, was convicted of stabbing McCann in the neck at Merchant City in Glasgow in March 2019.

Doctors had to resuscitate him and his leg was amputated due to complications when he was taken to hospital.

James Quinn, 22, William Barclay, 29, Jack Docherty, 29, Jamie Kinnaird, 27, and James Gemmell, 25, have pleaded guilty to assaulting McCann.

Photo shows Francis McCann being treated for a stab wound to the neck following an altercation with Kyle Beard in the Merchant City following an Old Firm game in 2019
Francis McCann treated for neck injury in 2019

Andrew Quinn, 28, and Kahl Cullen, 25, had not pleaded guilty and instead admitted to assaulting other men that day.

Gemma Martin, 27, sister of Steven Daniel, had pleaded not guilty to all the charges she faced.

The report identifies the Lyon Sutherland associate as someone who “featured extensively in Operation Engagement and was well documented as the executor of Lyons SAOCG”.

But police have had to drop serious charges against Sutherland twice because of “insufficient evidence.”

He was a suspect in the attempted murder of Ryan Fitzsimmons – brother of senior gang member Daniel Martyn Fitzsimmons, who is in jail for organized crime offenses.

Sutherland was charged with “presenting a handgun to Daniel SAOCG member Raymond Anderson”.

It is understood that Operation Engagement has identified more than 300 individuals linked to criminal groups.

Steven Daniel was the victim of a machete attack in May 2017. He was ambushed in his car after the Lyon gang found him with a tracking device.

In 2019, six men were jailed for a total of 104 years in Glasgow High Court for attempted murder and other attacks on rivals from Clan Daniel.

The insider said, “It’s about who gets who first in 20 years and it’s not going to end anytime soon.”

Steven Lyons left Scotland after surviving a gun attack in 2006.

He traveled to Spain where he reportedly formed links with organized crime gangs, including the Irish Kinahan family.

Police said, “We will not comment on the leaked documents.”

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