Hitler’s Debt to the Blue Division, Franco

By train, they crossed all of Europe, but when they arrived in Russia, they had to make a long and tiring journey of about 900 kilometers. Problems soon arose between German discipline and Hispanic disarray (Hitler came to describe it as “tattered”). He befriended Jewish girls, Russian prisoners, and especially those who did not follow strict German dress protocols, but these misunderstandings would soon be cleared up when the members blue division He went to war and showed his indomitable courage in action.

After some time in Smolensk, most of the Spanish troops are assigned to the siege of Leningrad. It was a long battle for positions in the middle of a paralyzing cold touching -40°. Their peak demonstration took place on February 10, 1943, when four thousand Spaniards blocked the advance of 40,000 Soviets at Kasny Bor, a small town 30 km from Leningrad. The determination of the Spaniards prevented the fall of the German line. was the commanding general Emilio Estaban Infanta, a Civil War veteran who suffered a Soviet attack that included hundreds of tanks, a thousand guns, and hundreds of mortars. At one time these young people, mostly Falangists, supported the slogan of the Republicans, who fought for the Ebro… “Failed!”


five days later blue division It had suffered over 3,500 casualties, 70% of the soldiers who went into action (one of the highest numbers of the war), but the Soviets suffered over 11,000 casualties. The Spaniards besiege Leningrad and show courage and determination…

Due to these huge losses, the Franco regime withdrew it. blue division Who was decorated by the German high command. The Führer himself had to retreat and publicly acknowledge the courage of the Spaniards. Germany provided 4,732 embellishments among the volunteers.

Casualties during the conflict blue division They added 22,7000, about 4,000 dead, 320 captured, 8,500 wounded and 1,600 frozen. Of the Spaniards captured in 1954, only 200 returned to their country.

As the Falangist Spaniards gave their lives in the frozen steppes of Russia, a group of Republican fighters from General Leclerc’s troops had seized the German headquarters in Paris. Both showed the ferocity of the Spanish soldier.

In 2004, both Spaniards blue division As members of the Leclerc Division, they marched together as a symbol of Spanish unity, which “Minimise their differences” However, the dispute continues, because these ideological differences are not resolved by parade, by friendly meetings, or by open dialogue. Only time, a lot of time dilutes feelings.

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