Jewish Trump aspiring to hug anti-Semites in Senate race – opinion


Today’s petty politicians increasingly rely on Holocaust imagery to denigrate their opponents. It’s more than a sign of limited intelligence and sloppy thinking; it demeans the slaughter of six million Jews and is particularly egregious if you are the candidate and are the Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors.

Worse yet is if your grandparents came to America as refugees, but you want to close the doors of the country to other refugees, especially if they are Muslim and from Afghanistan. You accuse them out of ignorance of wanting to “bring married children and Sharia law to your neighborhood”.

Welcome to the bitter and hateful world of Josh Mandel, the 44-year-old former state treasurer and state representative who believes the surest way to become the next Ohio Senator is to echo the calculated extremism of a former president who sees “very good people” among the feces of the nation of racists, anti-Semites and xenophobes.

In Mandel’s world, a Soviet Jewish refugee and retired army officer and war veteran decorated like Alexander Vindman is a “commie” and a “liar and a traitor” because he told the truth about your disgraced idol Donald Trump.

You can be an equal opportunity fanatic, attacking prominent Catholics. When President Nancy Pelosi met the Pontiff in Rome, you said, “There is nothing beautiful about a politician who kills babies or a pope who empowers him. “

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 18, 2020 (Credit: AL DRAGO / REUTERS)

You accuse the President of the United States of “Gestapo” tactics because he wants all Americans to be immune to the coronavirus and urge “my fellow Americans: do not comply”. Was George Washington also guilty of such “tyranny” when he ordered all his troops to vaccinate against another pandemic?

When the American Jewish Committee said your “shameful” blah is “deeply offensive and trivializes the horrors of the Holocaust,” and the ADL criticized your white supremacist views, you responded by accusing them of “witch hunts. partisan ”.

You declared your determination to “protect Judeo-Christian values” and called yourself “Pro-God, Pro-Guns and Pro-Trump”. Is that how you define your values?

I know you claim to be a lawyer, but Case Western Reserve Law School should revoke the degree of anyone who says, “The Bible and the Constitution are not meant to be separate.”

Like you, I am originally from Cleveland and graduated from Ohio State University with a BA. The first thing we were taught in journalism school was the First Amendment to the Constitution which protects free speech and builds a wall between church and state. This has been vital for the survival, success, and security of Jews and all other minorities in America, including the Muslims you want to exclude. I can’t believe they forgot this at Case. Did you miss class that day or are you just blinded by your bigotry and ambition?

You probably cut history lessons too. You traveled this week to your state capital, the largest city in the country named Columbus, to praise the Spanish-funded Italian explorer as a ‘great American’ and to call his vacation change to World Day. indigenous peoples of “insult”. [to] every Italian-American.

Brent Larkin, former Plain Dealer political writer, called you a “bass player” of “unparalleled intellectual dishonesty,” for whom “no gutter is too deep, no blow too cheap.” The editor of the Plain Dealer wrote that you “are used to not telling the truth when you campaign.” And in a “desperate” attempt to gain attention, you are “subjected to irresponsible and potentially dangerous statements on social media.”

It doesn’t look like you’ll get approval from your hometown newspaper in your attempt to successfully retire Republican Senator Rob Portman.

And you will be hard pressed to get a lot of votes from your family. Eight cousins ​​- on your ex-wife’s side, a prominent Cleveland Jewish family – sent an open letter to the Cleveland Jewish News saying your “discriminatory stance” against same-sex marriage “violates our family’s core values.”

It goes hand in hand with your hostility to gay men in the military, your history of opposing LGBTQ rights, and your support for a law making it legal to fire someone just for being gay. This is not surprising given your loyalty to Trump. Your campaign website is silent on these issues, but trumpets your opposition to abortion.

Some polls show that you are ahead of the half-dozen nomination contestants despite internal campaign issues. The Columbus Dispatch reported that three of your fundraisers quit because of a “toxic work environment created” by your CFO, who also happens to be your girlfriend.

In an interview with Jewish Insider, you said that you were raising your three children to be “proud Americans, proud Jews, and proud Zionists.” You also expressed your support for Israel, and that you have cousins ​​“throughout Judea and Samaria”. You don’t seem to have much respect for the Palestinians who also live there, however, calling them “people of a fictional country who hate everything we stand for as Christians, Jews and Americans.”

You are a shameless Trump contender with a Ted Cruz patina. Taking a page from their game manuals, you said, “Now is not the time for bipartisanship. Now is not the time to show civility. It’s a promise I’m sure you will keep.

You call yourself a champion of “America First,” Trump’s xenophobic theme of Nazi sympathizers in the 1930s. You see the disgraced former president as your role model and yearn for his approval. Like Trump, you are more clearly defined by who you hate than by what you believe. I don’t know if you believe everything you say or, like your role model, only believe in yourself and everything you feel like saying at some point.

Max Littman, writing in The Forward, described you as “a terrible amalgamation of Trumpism, neofascism, and false nationalism, all wrapped up in a malicious 5ft 8in package. His own family can’t stand it.

You say you are “fighting to protect the Judeo-Christian foundation of America,” but you cannot resist the divisive hate speech, especially the kind of anti-Semitic tropes and images of the Holocaust spewed out by Trump and particularly popular – but not exclusively – on the alt-right.

The dibbouk in your vision is George Soros, the Hungarian-born American philanthropist, Holocaust survivor and major Democratic contributor. He’s also Trump’s favorite Jewish scapegoat, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene (Jewish space lasers), Rudy Giuliani (referred to as the Antichrist), conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Representatives. Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn and Paul Gosar. Coincidence?

You said the Jewish financier, working with the “deep state” and “funded liberal forces,” “organized” and “funded” the COVID pandemic as well as “the entire BLM, the Antifa riots and looting ”. Truly? Do you really believe it?

Can Jews Be Anti-Semites? I’m not talking about Nazi collaborators or secret members of the KKK, but politicians who revere anti-Semites, espouse anti-Semitic tropes, and use Holocaust imagery to disparage their opponents and reinforce the bigotry of other anti-Semites.

In today’s raging political climate, with open racism, xenophobia and undemocratic extremism in broad daylight within the Republican Party, predicting elections is a risky business. But I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet that Mandel, who is Jewish, will do no better among educated and intelligent Jewish voters in Ohio than his political hero, now in bitter exile in Florida.

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