Joseph Sabino Mistick: Watch American Patriot Smedley Butler

Smedley Butler is not a name most Americans recognize. But if you were in the United States Marine Corps, you’ve heard its name a lot. Major-General Butler, sometimes referred to as “The Fighting Quaker,” joined the Marines at the age of 17 to participate in the Spanish-American War.

Butler has fought in wars around the world, protecting American interests by quelling rebellions in China, the Philippines, and Central and South America. Along the way, he won a chest full of medals and received the Medal of Honor twice.

On Parris Island, where new Marines are trained, Butler is remembered in a cadence that invites recruits to sing along during endurance races. One of those cadences – the “Eagle, Globe and Anchor” – famously Butler, Dan Daly and Chesty Puller, all legendary Marines. It is a reminder of their courage on the battlefield.

Butler also displayed courage in civic affairs, which is another reason America should remember and honor him, especially on the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack by the insurgents against our Capitol. He spoke out against fascism at every turn and publicly called for new dictators like Benito Mussolini.

Butler was a truth teller. After leaving the service in 1931, he wrote a short book titled “War is a Racket”, in which he asserted that the lost lives of American warriors are the price the nation pays for the millions earned by war profiteers. . And he said that for most of his 33-year war he was “a gangster of capitalism,” making small countries safe for American businesses.

Butler’s penchant for truth made headlines again when he testified before a congressional committee that he was recruited by a cabal of businessmen to carry out a coup against the president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They promised Butler an army of 500,000 disgruntled veterans to march on Washington, force FDR into a ceremonial role, and replace him with a regent to lead the government.

Butler played with them until they gave him the ammo he needed to lay out their plans. Then as now, the conspirators and their supporters attempted to downplay the real nature of the plot of treason. But Butler’s truth won out.

The congressional committee’s final report said: “There is no doubt that these attempts were discussed, were planned and could have been carried out when and if the donors saw fit. Even The New York Times reversed its initial doubts and eventually reported that Butler had to be believed.

Butler never flinched, saying, “My interest is, my only hobby is maintaining a democracy.” If you get these 500,000 soldiers advocating anything that smacks of fascism, I’m going to have 500,000 more and I’m going to lick the hell out of you, and we’ll have a real war at home.

Fortunately, there are still honorable soldiers and elected officials who warn us against those determined to destroy our constitutional democracy, and they are pursuing and punishing the coup plotters of a year ago. Today’s Smedley Butlers deserve and need the support of all American patriots to carry out this for the good of the Republic.

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