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Bradesco loan package with low interest and differentiated benefits for Servers of Rio de Janeiro. Bradesco has lines of credit and loans for all types of customer profiles. For the Servers of the State of Rio, Bradesco announced a benefits package that includes from interest reduction to tariff exemption. The intention of the institution that currently is the “Payer” of State Servers is to attract more customers and reach bank clients who want to migrate to Bradesco with the facilities of “bank account portability”.

empréstimo Bradesco e os Servidores do Rio de Janeiro

With the beginning of the year, financial commitments double, with this, many people end up entering lines of credit with high rates to clear debts, pay bills and expenses such as IPVA, IPTU, children’s school enrollment, car provision, insurance , it’s too much. With the measures of reduction of the rates, Bradesco expects to provide cheap credit for Servers that need extra money.

The reduction of the interest rate is valid for obtaining the Bradesco loan , in addition, the more than 460 thousand active public servants, retirees and pensioners of the State of Rio de Janeiro will have the benefit of exemption from the basket of bank fees.

The benefits of the package mainly to keep the Server in the institution given the fierce competition between banks, but also seek to attract new account holders. Bradesco’s state-owned public servants that open accounts with Bradesco to receive their salaries (salary, counter-check) will benefit from the package, especially bank account holders who are not satisfied with their bank, Bradesco facilitates “portability” to receive the migration. The Bradesco benefit package can be a great opportunity for Servers who receive salary from other banks.

With the ” Bradesco package “, lending lines such as “payroll loans Bradesco” had interest reduction, now contracting between 25 to 60 installments, rates are 1.35% pa, and “Bradesco credit cards” , until 2014 are exempt from annuity. The reduction also reached interest on the pre-approved Bradesco loan limit of up to 43%, rates ranging from 2.30% to 2.90% in up to 40 installments. This form of easy loan can be hired by the Internet or by telephone, on time and without bureaucracy. As for the overdraft, the customer has 10 interest-free days to use the bank’s money.

It thinks that it is over, users of Bradesco credit cards will have a differentiated benefit in the “Bradesco Card Promotion” of the “Pre-Compensa Program”, the action consists of encouraging the use of plastic in the more than 1,500 establishments in the State of Rio de Janeiro accredited in the program between February and June 2013, Bradesco credit cards with the Visa, Mastercard and Elo flags are valid. The most interesting of the “Pre-Compensation Program” is the possibility of reversing 20% ​​of the expenses in credit in the next invoice. More information at .

If you are part of the civil service of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Bradesco loan became cheaper, use the credit limit and overdraft as well. Find a Bradesco agency and learn more about this new “Benefits Package.”

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