PDO Rincón de Soto Pears celebrates its 20th anniversary | Article

Pears, the first Spanish fruit to achieve PDO status, will be celebrated in style at next month’s Fruit Attraction

Rincón de Soto Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for Blanquilla and Conference pears grown in La Rioja, Spain, turns 20e birthday this year.

Pears, the first fruit in Spain to achieve PDO status, have been grown on the lower terraces of the Ebro, Cidacos, Alhama, Iregua and Leza rivers for more than four centuries. They are characterized by their softness, their larger and longer shape and their more intense green skin color.

“The constitution of the AOP was the start of a solid alliance between farmers, cooperatives and companies. It has been a path of effort, entrepreneurship and learning that has brought stability and confidence,” said Eduardo Pérez, president of the Rincón de Soto PDO Pears Regulatory Board.

Today, the PDO brings together 280 farmers from 28 municipalities of Rioja Alta, Rioja Media and Rioja Baja, which together cover an area of ​​1,263 ha. Around 20,000 to 25,000 tonnes of pears are marketed under the label each year.

Known for their sustainability, pears are grown using natural Integrated Production techniques that respect the health of consumers and the planet.

“Farmers are our pillar. They cultivate with care. Our agriculture has enormous social value: it generates an economy, settles people in our cities, protects the environment and promotes healthy food for thousands of people,” Pérez said.

AOP will mark this anniversary with a celebratory dinner next month at Fruit Attraction in Madrid.

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