Revolutionary War music video filmed in Reddings Putnam Park


With Veterans Day approaching this week, the timing of this new clip couldn’t be better.

The clip was shot in Reddings Putnam Memorial Park, sometimes referred to as Valley Forge in Connecticut, due to the winter troops spent there during the Revolutionary War of 1778 and 1779. The clip centers on a soldier colonial serving in General Isreal Putnam’s camp. division of the Continental Army while in Redding.

The song called “Winter With Old Put” is the product of singer-songwriter Glenn Hall, who was originally from Georgia but actually grew up in Bethel, Connecticut. When he was younger he spent a lot of time in Putnam Park and developed a fascination with the times and the early American heroes who camped there.

General Isreal Putnam was a massive historical figure, one need only look at the towns and regions of Connecticut and the Hudson Valley that bear his name to this day. According to supernews. to, outside of Connecticut, region of the Hudson Valley, General Putnam never obtained the recognition of some of his other contemporaries of the war of independence like Washington, Jefferson, Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin. This bothered the singer’s songwriter, especially since he had such a close connection to Putnam Memorial Park growing up, and decided not only to write a song about the General, but also to shoot the music video. video directly in the park which he remembers so well.

The song is now featured on Hall’s new album “Clouds Turn Black”, and in the video its vocals are interspersed with battle scenes recreated by reenactment actors from the Revolutionary War.

The song will be released this Thursday (Veterans Day) on all major music services. Hall hopes people will better understand the General and what the men endured during the winter they spent in Redding.

Hall hopes the interest in Major General Putnam doesn’t just end with the music video, he hopes someone will make a movie about him too because his life was so amazing.

If you’re familiar with Putnam Memorial Park, you’ll enjoy seeing some of the scenes in this clip.

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