Selena Gomez Could Reboot 1980s Hit Movie ‘Working Girl’

Selena Gomez fans might have a new lead role to look forward to from the actress/singer.

As producer, Gomez is in final negotiations to work on a reboot of the 1980s classic. A hard worker.

1988 A hard worker originally starred Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffith, Joan Cusack and Harrison Ford and followed the journey of a secretary who must take over her office while her boss recovers from a broken leg. When the secretary (Griffith) gives her boss (Weaver) a winning business tip, her boss takes all the credit and workplace embezzlement ensues.

The reboot could get a release on Hulu, who Gomez knows as a producer and star of the Emmy-nominated Hulu series. Only murders in the building.

Previously, Gomez also produced the Netflix teen series 13 reasons whyas well as a handful of other shows, including his HBO Max cooking show Selena + Chef.

The creator of the Disney+ series Diary of a Future PresidentIlana Pena, adapts the screenplay.

It’s unclear if Gomez will star in the film as well, but the possibility is already getting fans excited.

“Yes, please! I literally watched Working Girl maybe 2 weeks ago. It’s still a relevant story and still very thought provoking, but it needs to be reworked for modern audiences. I have trust Selena Gomez,” one user said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some have argued that A hard worker doesn’t need a reboot as a certified classic.

A fan said“Selena Gomez is a fantastic actress, but Working Girl is holding up really well and doesn’t need a remake.”

The original film was a box office hit and garnered six Oscar nominations.

A remake of A hard worker would follow the trend of rebooting 80s and 90s classics, like the recent hit Top Gun: Maverick.

The news may disappoint Gomez’s music fanbase, who have been waiting for new material since the 2020s. Rare.

However, musically, some were quick to make the connection between Gomez and her musician best friend, Taylor Swift.

“Selena Gomez is producing a movie. And lately we know that Taylor Swift loves soundtracks. So the question is…which 1989 song goes with the movie Working Girl?” a fan theorized about Twitter.

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