Spain is ready to send another batch of weapons to Ukraine, says Defense Min Robles

As the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine continues to take more devastating turns with recent warnings from the West suggesting that Russia may launch a more severe attack, embattled President Zelensekyy has further urged the global community to support Ukraine and condemn Russia for launching this barbaric attack on Kiev. . Expressing its support, Spain again came forward to provide assistance to Ukraine in its battle against the Russian invaders. Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles, speaking to reporters, said that if Ukraine needed help, Spain would send the “equipment” it has to support the “heroic defense shown Ukrainians”. Robles’ statement came on Wednesday before she spoke before the competent committee of the Congress of Deputies regarding Spain’s action in the conflict.

Notably, a week ago, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told parliament that the country would supply war-torn Ukraine with ‘offensive military equipment’ independently, which would be separate from aid. deployed by the European Union, reported About in English. He says he made this decision to respond to people who question the government’s commitment. However, he made it clear that he would not deploy military forces in the region and that NATO would also stay away for the same reason.

West unites in support of war-torn Ukraine, Spain ready to ship new batch of weapons

It is relevant to mention here that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought European countries closer, since more than 20 countries, mostly members of NATO and the European Union, support Ukraine in the war in Classes. Spain has already shipped 20 tons of medical and military supplies to Ukraine. According to local media, two planes flew from Madrid to Poland, from where the material was transported overland to Ukraine two weeks ago. Earlier this week, the Spanish government said it would send military aid only as part of a larger package presented by the European Union on Sunday. Earlier, Spain had agreed to send 150 additional troops to Latvia as part of a larger NATO buildup in the Baltic region.

Recently, the Spanish Ministry of Transport announced that Spanish airspace would be closed to Russian flights, stating that it would continue to block its airspace to Russian planes, according to a CNN report. Countries like Germany, Italy, France and Canada have already closed their airspace to Russian planes this week.

Image: AP/Representative

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