Spain organizes the first day of commemoration of the victims of Franco – Politics

(ANSAmed) – MADRID, 31 OTT – Spain celebrated Monday for the first time a day “in memory and in tribute to the victims of the military coup, the war and the dictatorship” instituted by the new law on democratic memory.

The law came into force in recent days.

The reference is to the 1936 military uprising in which General Francisco Franco’s troops attempted to overthrow the Republican government, as well as subsequent periods of civil strife (1936-1939) and oppressive rule (1939-1975 ).

The date chosen, October 31, marks that of the parliamentary approval of the current Spanish constitution in 1978 in the post-Franco period.

“As a country, we have paid a high price for freedom throughout our history,” said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. “So high that in addition to efforts to preserve this legacy, we must never take it for granted.” He added that “the advance of reactionary forces” such as those observed in “several places in Europe” reminds that “progress and democracy are not irreversible”, clearly illustrated by “the autocracy with which Putin invades Ukraine “.

At the beginning of his speech, Sánchez paid tribute to Manuel Azaña, president of the Second Spanish Republic during a period of civil war. (ANS Amed).

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