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The last Student Senate meeting of the academic year began Monday at 6:02 p.m.

During the open forum, Senator Brad Heap spoke about the party registry system he is working on with the Eau Claire Police Department to encourage safer parties with less noise citations and drinking citations. alcohol among minors.

Senator Thomas Miller reintroduced the bill 65-B-1 for revise the rules of procedure of the 66th session. The bill passed 17-0-2.

“I’m glad it finally happened,” Miller said. “We can now operate with a working document.”

Vice President Nick Johnson withdrew the bill 66-B-2 to establish support for and membership in the University of Wisconsin System Student Governance Association (UWSSGA).

The bill was withdrawn because the UW system wants to make changes to the UWSSGA constitution, according to Nick Johnson.

The senate has begun the process of appointing a new board of directors. The candidates make a five-minute presentation, answer questions for five minutes, and then the Senate meets in closed session to deliberate on the nomination of the candidates.

Miller, a freshman in political science, was named a Senate parliamentarian. Miller served as a senator during the 65th session and participated in the bylaws amendment process.

Anakah Denison, a third-year environmental biology major in ecology, has been named director of staff for the Senate. Denison was a senator during the 65th session.

Sahana Suresh, a third-year student in human resource management and information systems, was appointed as the commissioned director of academic affairs, but was not named. Suresh held a senator’s seat in the 65th session and will continue as a senator in the 66th session.

“I feel bad for the candidate who was not elected to the Senate,” Nick Johnson said. “We were very excited about this candidate, but there’s always a chance it could happen.”

Ivan San, a second-year biology student and pre-healthcare professional, was named director of the communications committee. San was a senator during the 65th session.

Ben Johnson, a second-year finance student, was named chair of the finance committee. Ben Johnson was involved in the finance committee during the 65th session.

Maddie Blong, a freshman majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, has been named the Senate chair of the Committee on Equity in Student Affairs. Blong is a member of the Inter-Tribal Student Council and works for multicultural student services on campus.

During the deliberation process, the Senate meeting was halted due to a tornado warning and temporarily moved until the weather improves.

The meeting continued with the appointment of Hannah Kelly, a second-year political science student and student from Spain, to chair the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. Kelly served as a senator and intern for intergovernmental affairs during the 65th session.

Sydney McGuine, a sophomore in environmental public health, has been named Senate Director of the Sustainability Committee’s Student Office. McGuine was a senator and a member of the SOS commission during the 65th session.

Heap, a freshman majoring in health care administration and psychology, was named director of the student organizations commission. Heap served as a senator and member of the Student Organizations Committee during the 65th session.

Sophomore public relations and communications student Brett Farmer has been reappointed as director of the University Activities Committee. Farmer was the committee’s public relations chairman during the 64th session and director during the 65th session.

The members of the executive council have resigned their seats as senators but will retain the right to vote.

Chairman Rossellin Gaitan said the Senate will make the final two appointments to the board of trustees, the academic affairs committee and the information technology committee, at an emergency meeting next week.

“Almost everyone we had set up to be considered passed, which is phenomenal,” Gaitan said. “I’m delighted that we have a great team that was chosen not only by us, but also by our committee.”

The sitting adjourned at 10:35 p.m. and the Senate will reconvene for an emergency meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 16.

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