The accelerated deterioration of democratic institutions

On Monday, a philo-Trumpist mob burst into the town hall of Lorca, Murcia, when the councilors freely elected by neighbors went to vote on what they considered appropriate on a subject that members of the mob did not like. Let’s make Lorca even betterattacking the ‘Capitol’ of the city.

On Tuesday, the Government mixed in the same decree the obligation to wear a mask outdoors and an allowance for retirees. The blackmail consisted in the fact that, if a deputy voted against the mask in the street, this would in turn prevent retirees from receiving their pay. The Ministry of Health has not submitted any scientific report who endorses the need to cover their mouths outdoors. And, in fact, he has already announced that this Tuesday, just seven days after imposing this extravagant and misleading double decree, he will lift the obligation. Why, then, force last Tuesday’s vote? Because I’m worth it. Let’s make the big mask again.

On Thursday, a PP parliamentarian in a stunned phase he voted yes when he wanted to vote no, and the labor reform was approved by difference of one voice. The popular, plagued by their own clumsiness, have since tried to transform this goal into a trick promoted by a Sanchist conspiracy. And from the Speaker of the House, legal subterfuge is alleged to prevent a member from making a mistake and you have time to rectify, you can do it. Let’s make conspiracy and regulatory stubbornness bigger.

The keys to labor reform: here are the changes it introduces

C. Sanchez J.Jorrin

But this popular deputy was not the only one to vote the opposite of what he wanted. The PP opposed it for having opposed it, despite the fact that it would have signed this agreement without hesitation, because the reform is only a slight logical update of the one approved by Rajoy in 2012. PNV , Esquerra and Bildu voted against just to teach a lesson to his benefactor Pedro Sánchez, assuming he would win the vote (by this time they still had not recovered from the fear).

The UPN leadership wanted to vote against, but decided that its two deputies would vote for after the PSOE pledged to save the mayor of Pamplona from being disapproved for accusing the “menas” of committing crimes ( lateral reflection: the PSOE, saving a mayor who accuses underage immigrants). Thus, the UPN asked its deputies to vote for, but they voted against. Just like the PSOE and Podemos, who voted for the reform while wanting (in the bottom of their soul) to vote against, because both parties promised “to repeal the labor reform”, not to varnish it. Let us begin again the great labor reform.

The UPN ratifies the expulsion of its two deputies and remains without representation in Congress

The confidential Agencies

We are witnessing a gradual and accelerated evolution deterioration of democratic institutions. The corruption in which Spanish politics has been steeped for years and the populist extremism that reigns among us have made us witness delirious episodes: attacks against deputies at the gates of the Parliament of Catalonia, the Congress surrounded to prevent the investiture of a president, ordinary and vulgar spectacles in the hemicycle, insults, desertion of eloquence…

And just as important, if not more so: that with key issues such as labor reform or the crisis in Ukraine, the Prime Minister has not appeared before the House since December; that it is considered natural that the deputy is only a wooden finger who votes what is ordered, although the Constitution establishes that “he will not be bound by an imperative mandate”; this governed by decree, while the Constitution establishes that this option is appropriate only “in case of extraordinary and urgent necessity”; that they present these decrees as irremovable and, therefore, the Cortes Generales, which according to the Constitution “represent the Spanish people“, are deprived of the possibility of debating them and, if necessary, modifying them.

Let’s hope that Brussels does not pay too much attention to the atrabile method by which the labor reform was approved

Now the regulations that govern the employment relationships of millions of citizens with their businesses voted by mistake and, therefore, against the true sovereign will of Parliament; with a President of the Government whose motto is to resist at all costs and in the company of anyone; with an opposition as lost as a motorist driving in the opposite direction on a highway and wondering, surprised, what these cars are doing coming from the front; and with a political polarization so consolidated that the Spaniards can only aspire to have a government conditioned by the far left and the separatists (as now) or by the far right (if a change occurs). What a landscape…

Let’s hope Brussels doesn’t pay too much attention to the atrabilar method by which the labor reform was approved. For, as the American writer John Godfrey Saxe said, “laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in the same proportion as we know how they are made“. Democratic institutions, transformed into a comedy corral.

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