The amazing transformation of Princess Leonor, the future Queen of Spain

In 1936, when Princess Elizabeth of York was just 10 years old, her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the British throne with no legitimate heirs to his name (via History.) Below the order of succession , the crown went to Edward’s next younger brother, Prince Albert of York, now known as King George VI, according to Britannica and Time. Since George VI was Princess Elizabeth’s father, Elizabeth has become heiress presumptive, while her younger sister Princess Margaret, who was known to be the more affable and outgoing of the two, looked on with what some would call a envy (by Marie Claire).

In 2014, when Infanta Leonor was just eight years old, her grandfather, King Juan Carlos, abdicated the throne in favor of his son Felipe. Like Elizabeth, Leonor was, by then, immersed in her new role as daughter of the monarch, crown princess and heiress presumptive. Like Elizabeth, Leonor is the more reserved of the two sisters, according to Royal Central. While we can’t tell if Sofia feels envy towards Leonor for being the first to the throne, the parallels between Queen Elizabeth II’s journey to the throne and Leonor’s are still quite notable. In fact, just as Leonor’s birthright to the crown could be wiped out by the birth of a younger brother, so could Elizabeth. Of course, we know how it went for Elizabeth. Considering Felipe and Letizia’s respective ages, it’s entirely possible that history will repeat itself.

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