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THEY don’t call it treacherous Albion for nothing, and likewise there is a reason why Spanish speakers use the phrase “hijo de la Gran Bretaña” (son of Britain) in much the same way and with roughly the same meaning as the English term “son of ab****.

This is because Britain has a reputation abroad for being untrustworthy, underhanded and deceitful in its dealings with other countries. The British nationalist self-image of Britain characterized by fair play and incorruptibility is a fantasy shared by no one else.

This week we witnessed another reason why a Spanish speaker might wish to spit hijo de la Gran Bretaña in disgust and anger. The UK government is reportedly considering ripping up the Northern Irish Protocol – requiring checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from other UK countries – because the DUP is in an all-powerful sulk after losing the Stormont election last week last for the benefit of Sinn Fein and threatening to refuse to enter government with a Sinn Fein prime minister.

The DUP backed Brexit in hopes it would bring down the Good Friday Agreement and create a hard border on the island of Ireland, which they say would make Irish reunification less likely. Instead, they discovered that parading around in sashes and bowler hats while waving Union flags and proclaiming undying loyalty to the Crown and Westminster is no defense against being victimized. of that infamous perfidy of Albion.

Despite Tory assurances that if the DUP backed them in getting the Brexit deal done, the UK would never agree to customs checks on ferry crossings between Northern Ireland and Britain, the Gran Bretaña hijo in Downing Street went ahead and did just that. .

In a bid to appease DUP and Tory backbench MPs, Michael Gove today said ‘no options are on the table’ and added he was ‘super cool’ with the threats to renege on an international treaty agreement which the British government itself negotiated and signed. until. It would explode what little goodwill remains in Europe towards the UK and risk sparking a trade war with the EU amid a cost of living crisis and with prices already soaring, plunging many families in poverty and hardship.

The truth is that the DUP and other parties opposed to protocol lost recent elections, and there is a clear majority in the newly elected Stormont for parties that support protocol – 52 members in the 90-seat assembly support the protocol against only 38 who oppose it.

The DUP and its unionist allies lost a democratic election, but do not want to accept the verdict of the people. A British government that respected democracy and the will of the people of Northern Ireland as expressed at the ballot box would slap the DUP instead of pandering to the undemocratic demands of the sore losers. But instead we have a conservative government of hijos de la Gran Bretaña.

The Good Friday Agreement must be protected in order to secure peace in Northern Ireland. However, we have a Conservative government that is threatening to tear up a protocol that is only needed because of the Conservatives’ decision to leave the European single market and customs union for partisan reasons and in doing so not only to destroying a key principle of the Good Friday Agreement, but also demonstrating to the world that the UK cannot be trusted to adhere to international treaties which it itself negotiated and signed.

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