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12/20/2021 at 10:33 am CET


AT a few days of the draw Christmas Lottery 2021, ticket sales are skyrocketing and there are buyers who already know it what would they devote the Price: buy an apartment for your children, install heating in the house in the village, change the country of residence or enjoy a trip to a distant destination.

This year, lottery dispatches bring in a Sales increase for this draw compared to last year, when restrictions due to the pandemic and the economic and social situation reduced the sale of the December 22 draw by 10.07%.

The presence of tourists and the outings to do Christmas shopping during Constitution week and the Immaculate Bridge pushed up sales by tenths of the draw.

More over-the-counter and online sales

Customers line up for up to an hour to buy their luck at the Manises Lottery in Valencia, which has increased its sales by 15% compared to last year and its director, Rafael Sanchis, assures that this year You can see “a lot more joy”, especially in face to face sales..

We’re back to normal in physical sales compared to last year with the restrictions and capacity limitation that existed, and there are times every day when three streets are busy with the queue of people ”, he assures .

Despite the drop in sales recorded in 2020, this administration continued to increase its sales and this year it continues the trend, both in the five windows it keeps open and in the Sold online.

Located in the central San Vicente de Valencia street, administration number 39 also records a sales growth of tenths compared to last year and even higher than 2019, exceeding 10% of physical sales. Its manager, José Manuel Iborra, specifies that large customers settle the payment at the end of the week and that’s when we see if there are any returns, but he hopes that the requests and reservations made will be maintained.

Last week, that of the bridge, was the best-selling of the year, for the influx of tourists and consumers that they were using to advance Christmas shopping, according to Iborra.

More than 30% is the increase recorded by Lotería Castillo, from Alaquàs (Valencia), which has been noticed “a boom box“From the Constitution bridge which remains until the day before the draw,” says his manager, Marcos Bernabeu.

This week and next Monday and Tuesday will be “the strongest”; In fact, in internet sales on the 19th, 20th and 21st they are the top sellers and you can sell 4,000 or 5,000 tenths. the digital sales are up almost 18% in this administration compared to two years ago.

Castillo Lottery, which every year organizes promotional activities in the municipality, will give a tattoo and a tenth to anyone who registers the house number, 13 441. Taking into account the campaign slogan “they are looking for the brave”, about twenty people have already booked to be tattooed with 13, in “a nod to the luck or bad luck, ”according to Bernabeu, who will take the point. sale to an official tattoo artist to do “this madness that does not fade”.


Vicenta spent the same amount this year as always on the Christmas lottery, 150 euros, and play in all ends with its own tickets, shares and shares with the illusion of being rewarded and of being able to buy an apartment for their children and even repair the house in the village and install the heating.

Yolanda, who plays half a dozen tickets, I wish take a trip “anywhere, far”While the young María, from Ontinyent, assumes that her grandmother, who instructed her to buy the lottery in the Bello administration, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia, would share the prize with her children. “And if he also gives us the grandchildren, so much the better,” he said with a smile.

For Juan, an official, 2020 has been difficult and this 2021 is too, and he assures that if he gets a good price would go live somewhere in we because there is only “4% unemployment”.

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