Young Avengers or runaways?

“Can the so-called Snowflakes or Gen Z ride their 21st century version of the Children’s Crusade?”

DILEMMA. Is Elon Musk right: that population collapse due to low birth rates is a far greater risk to civilization than global warming? Is it true that kids today don’t want to have kids of their own because they’re too concerned about climate change?

Choices. Iron Lad or The Gloom (formerly Sister Grimm)? Hulking or Princess Justice (formerly Lucy in the Sky)? America Chavez or Gun Arm (formerly Talkback)? Young Avengers or Runaways?

Judging by FDR’s clarion call 80 years ago, it should be the Young Avengers: “But now the world knows that the Nazis, fascists and militarists of Japan have nothing to offer the youth – except death. On the other hand, the cause of the United Nations is the cause of youth itself. It is the hope of the new generation – and generations to come – the hope of a new life that can be lived in freedom, justice and decency. This fact becomes clearer every day for young people in Europe, where the Nazis are trying to create youth organizations built on the Nazi model. It is not a model designed by young people for young people. It is a model devised by Hitler and imposed on the youth by a form of mental force-feeding – a regimen of false facts, distortions and prohibitions – all backed by the canons of the Gestapo. [White House news release, September 3, 1942]

Bracketing. The Churchill Club (Danish Churchill-klubben) against the NSU (National Socialist Youth) of the DNSAP (Danish Nazis). The Unified Socialist Youth (Juventudes Socialistas Unificadas) against the young fighters of the Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional-Sindicalista, especially the Blue Division. The Kommunisticheskiy Soyuz Molodyozhi (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League) against the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend). The Giovani Comuniste e Comunisti against the Opera Nazionale Balilla/Gioventù Italiana del Littorio (youth section of the Italian National Fascist Party)
FDR: “The delegates to this International Student Assembly represent the 29 United Nations. They also represent, in spirit at least, the younger generation of many other nations who, although not currently actively at war on our side, are with us heart and soul in yearning for a safe and secure world. peaceful. []

Match. The Zhōngguó Gòngchǎnzhǔyì (Communist Youth League of China against the Dai-Nippon Seinen-tō (Youth Party of Greater Japan). The Hunters-ROTC guerrillas against the Imperial Rule Assistance Corps of Young Men (Yokusan Sonendan ).

United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt broadcast to the International Student Assembly, September 3, 1942: “We of the United Nations have the technical means, the physical resources and, above all, the adventurous courage, the vision and the will that are needed to build and sustain the kind of world order that alone can justify the enormous sacrifices now being made by our youth. But we must persevere – we must never give up, never weaken, never be afraid – and we must persevere together. We must maintain the offensive against evil in all its forms. We must work and we must fight so that our children have and enjoy in peace their inalienable rights to freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom from fear. Only in such bold terms can this total war achieve total victory.

Choices. Young partisans of the Armee Juive (Jewish army) against the SS Youth Division. Teenage GIs versus Tekketsu Kinnotai. Helmuth Hübener versus Horst Ludwig Georg Erich Wessel. Anne Frank versus the Under Debs.

The youth of World War II had to choose: good versus evil, good or evil. Fernande Keufgens (aka Fernande Davis, Belgian fighter in the Liberation Army), the Zośka battalion, Diet Eman (a young Christian who joined the Resistance in the Netherlands), Irene Gut Opdyke and Mury (The Walls). Like the Podgórski sisters (Stefania and Helena), these young people waded into the breach on the side of the United Nations.

Learn the lyrics: “Warszawskie dzieci, pójdziemy w bój – za każdy kamień twój, stolico damie krew” (“We are the children of Warsaw, we go to battle – for each of your stones we will give our blood”).

As for the Filipinos: PMA’ers Mike Ver, Terry Adevoso and Tabo Ingles convened a secret society in their hometown of San Juan on January 15, 1942. In another part of Metro Manila, a column of basketball players and riflemen (Vicente O. Novales, Tereso “Sisoy” Pia, Vicente “Vic” Estacio, Remy Gozon, Honorio “Naning” K. Guerrero, Antonio “Tony” Gutierrez, Rosauro “Zorro” Paz, Rosauro “Zorro” Pestano) of Jose Rizal College had also decided to injure the invader by sabotage. So when Tony Gutierrez gathered his PMA-er roommates, his JRC-RPT buddies, and other cadets from Mapua, the University of Santo Tomas, and other Philippine institutions of higher learning, the guerrilla group Hunters- ROTC was born.

Today. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles versus genetically modified punk rock pandas? Dojo Miyagi vs. Cobra Kai? The International Labor Organization has found that “high rates of youth unemployment, inactivity and precarious work could have lasting ‘scarring’ effects on the career paths and future earnings of young people while undermining growth economy of the country”. [Global Employment Trends for Youth 2022]

Can the so-called Snowflakes or Gen Z ride their 21st century version of the Children’s Crusade?

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